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Sabico has specialized in recent years in the design and implementation of Control Centers with customised electronic solutions, including constructive and environmental aspects. The clearest examples are the two Alarm Receiving Centres owned currently to our company, and the others installed to third parties successfully.
In addition to the most advanced technical means, Sabico provides a comprehensive design of control centers, including location of equipments, furniture and the air thermal conditioning in control room, with the aim of combining management efficiency and maximum comfort for the station operator.
New technologies of solid state provide monitors with large screens and low profile, which allows simultaneous displaying in a small space of multiple video cameras, and with moderate electricity consumption. The automatic detection of different events facilitates desk operator to point the interesting areas, and so to reduce inefficiency as a consequence of fatigue or a lack of attention.
To obtain an effective Control Center and ensure a high level of security, it must be planned an intelligent system, included smart viewing and reporting.
The following items will be taken into account in a CC plan and design:

  • Display system (matrix wall and videowall)
  • Ergonometric facility of furniture
  • Tech Equipments in racks isolated
  • Good wiring system
  • Power and UPS
  • Access Control and Security area
  • Emergencies operation processing
  • Planning, reports and audit
  • Research room with recorded video access
  • Security Guards

The Control Center manages all security systems of your company.

  • CCTV
  • SDI
  • Fire
  • Extinction
  • Round Control
  • Key Control System
  • Supervisory and Control of Visitors’ Control System
  • Assets Control
  • Radio and telephone communication, etc.
  • Emergency notification

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