Business Security & Surveillance

The surveillance division is specialized in providing traditional surveillance services combined to security systems, what we call COMPRENHENSIVE SECURITY SOLUTION.

Without taking advantage of the developed technology in the field of security, surveillance services would be irresponsible today.

The specialization of Sabico is on the one hand a consequence of experience in security services that we have been providing since 1991, and on the other, our qualified and trained human resource frame that constitutes the core of the company.

The combination of both two allows us to make dedicated assessments to each client, in both human and technical resources, sometimes linked to security audits to maximize available resources to the client.

Among the wide variety of existing security services we can highlight the most significant:

Surveillance of Property and special facilities

  • Airports
  • Gas and Railroads
  • Depots of explosives

Sabico Security provides security surveillance solutions for all types of properties, aided by presence control computer systems so that we can certify, over time, the activity of our security staff.
Due to complexity of many of our customers’ facilities, Sabico Security must specialize in each service solution, and therefore also counts with necessary support training in each case, to achieve the best use of the systems resources installed in each center and offering thus the maximum effectiveness.

Surveillance with trained dogs

  • In some cases, the presence of trained dogs is a very valuable complement when performing security rounds, without this additional support may be poorly effective.

Close Protection

  • Private bodyguards specializing in escort service and close protection, fully approved within the rules established by the Law on Private Security.

Goods and Access Control

  • Access control for people and goods, with the necessary technical equipment to carry out these tasks avoiding as far as possible any risks. Our staff is trained in these control computer systems.

Monitoring Security Systems

  • Sabico Security has the experience in using multiple systems, proprietary systems as well as of third parties located in customers’ facilities, searching always to optimize their features.

Internal and external Rounds

  • Many business facilities optimize their security by conducting surveillance rounds, both internal and external. Rounds, originally scheduled in time and frequency, are supported by various control systems to ensure effectiveness.

Alarm Response

  • Once alarm is detected, our security professionals swiftly respond going to customer’s home to check the cause that triggered the alarm, acting jointly with the law enforcement officers.

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