Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management Services
More and more companies today need to focus on business and production, that is why they are seeking to unburden their employees of non-job specific responsibilities to maximise the commercial benefits. The new demand has make to undergo significant changes in the facilities management service companies

SABICO SERVICIOS AUXILIARES, S.L, is the Sabico SUPPORT SERVICE, created in order to cope with this new kind of contract but always taking into account the necessary specialisation of staff.

This is referring to a business field so wide as the enterprise facility services. That means we must either specialise in specific areas or risk a low-quality service. Outsourcing simplifies business management while improving profits and reducing costs.

SABICO SERVICIOS AUXILIARES, S.L. has specialised in a diverse product portfolio to deliver a higher quality of service. These include:


Services grouped in this area where static task predominate over the others. So that we offer:

  • Help desk support.
  • Access control officers.
  • Hostesses.
  • Signage services.
  • Receptionist.


The added value provided by this service goes beyond that of physical presence. This service can be developed indoors or outdoor. Within this area we can highlight the following:

  • Swimming Pools Management.
  • Meter readings.
  • Call centers Management.

As can be seen in this type of facilities management solutions not only a physical presence is required, but also using the necessary technical devices to development of tasks.


This logistics area has almost nothing to do with the other facilities management, because its development requires a special professional qualification. Within this area we can enumerate the following services:

  • Warehouse management: outcome/income.
  • Goods management.
  • Goods storage.

Regardless of these three areas, because it includes a large number of support services, the technical staff and engineers of SABICO SERVICIOS AUXILIARES, S.L. are qualified to analyse and customise other logistics solutions not listed above.

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