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Critical Systems Monitoring

Monitoring systems, networks and enterprises solutions provided by Sabico control center allows remotely and proactively to oversight over critical different elements of the technological infrastructure, such as servers, databases, messaging services, backup processes, hardware of any type and applications in general.
Alarm Central Station
sMonitoring Dedicated Control Center The Sabico Control Center is processing by over 5000 facilities events and security systems, more than 15 years of experience managing security incidents confirms our commitment to quality service.

sMonitoring Customized operationsThe criteria to be followed by the technical staff of our control center will be made according to the needs of your business, whether you require a manual intervention on systems as if you need to contact a specialist officer by phone.

sMonitoring Supervising and monitoring any metricaFor your business, a drop in performance of an application can be a critical element that requires immediate intervention. sMonitoring of Sabico provides technologies for establishing optimal performance thresholds, otherwise alerts our Control Center, which implement the protocol established with the client.

sMonitoring Our monitoring solutionYou can choose and use your own verification and then send notices through a secure channel or save costs and rely on our own monitoring solution. This involves deploying a probe on a computer on your local network to obtain, in the same way, metrics and status of key systems of your business.

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