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Technology continues to advance and sooner or later IT systems of your company and of your customers will be located off-site , which we call the Cloud. This is, no more and no less that a data centre like Sabico’s ones, providing you cloud solutions at any time, year round. Our cloud station is designed with the most recent DataCenter infrastructure, and with Direct Fiber Optic Internet Connections, telecom multi- operators supported.

SABICO´s DataCenter
Your Private Cloud Your Private CloudConsider the DataCenter of Sabico like yours. Permanently secure, monitored and quickly accessible to you 24 hour a day, every day of the year (24x7x365.)

Now closer Now closerProximity is an underestimated factor yet critical when choosing a Cloud provider. Geo-proximity on one hand, and an easier access to your systems on the other.

Full running Internet Full running Internet Internet access according to your needs. From 1MB to 1GB, you decide what you need at any time without changing anything in your systems infrastructure.
Less is more with Green Computing Less is more withGreen ComputingEn el DataCenter de SABICO recompensamos los sistemas más ecológicos, pague en función del consumo energético de sus sistemas.

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