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Enterprise cloud hosting solutions are available for both SMEs and large enterprises. Forget hard drive or tape backup, and you satisfy legal requirements for data retention by storing off-site your business data, physical servers and claud-based, desktops computers and notebooks.

Here is the solution of absolute market leader, EMC, agents for virtually all operating, or virtual systems, applications and databases.

What is different from other backup services?

The main difference with the traditional approach to backups is that the trained personnel of Sabico Security give accurate surveillance to compliance of backup plan, with client agreement on procedure to follow in case of failures. Basically, the model of alarm intruder management or fire alarms is transferred to backup, by constantly controlling deadlines timely and acting in case of failure.

¿Qué aporta SABICO con su solución de copia de seguridad en la nube sBackup

Un sistema centralizado que monitoriza las copias programadas. El sistema funciona de forma autónoma a los servidores de los clientes, garantizando que la programación de la copia no se quede bloqueada por un problema en una instalación del cliente.

  • La capacidad de enviar informes de cumplimiento periódicos de forma automática para aportar tranquilidad e información al cliente.
  • La gestión con personal propio de los procedimientos acordados con el cliente, para el caso de fallo del sistema de copias.

Un enfoque de garantía de servicio soportado sobre una plataforma tecnológica líder del mercado.

When will Sabico notify me if backup process fails?

You decide, most of our clients want to be informed the next working day, but it is your choice. Sabico is working in the control center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can say you… when you want.

Is it compatible with my current Backup system?

Yes, many of our customers use sbackup progressively to complement their tape backup system. They are using gradually sbackup for the most critical data, providing thus greater security to their copies. Also in our facilities we guard security tapes of some customers.

How many Gigabytes can I copy? Is there any limit?

There is no limit, you can archive as many data and files as you choose. Addition is an especially fast process because it only store up the changes. Also, if necessary, Sabico Security loads a customer’s backup previously in the provider system, thus avoid the initial backup saturates the network.

Is it the same as Dropbox / Google Drive or similar?

No, it’s not the same. Dropbox or Google Drive are sync systems performing their duties in an extraordinary way, but sync means that if you delete in one end, you are doing same in the other, which may have certain advantages but is not a backup system . • sBackup is a comprehensive backup solution. From storage to the software adapted to backup process. • sBackup keeps versions of each copy allowing you to restore previous versions of each file. You can have a complete daily copy. • sBackup is a managed backup solution. We ensure that the programmed schedule is met, and that the backup task is successful. • sBbackup is a multi-application platform software, and makes back up in the cloud from files, complete databases or virtual machines.

Faster Backup Faster BackupData deduplication significantly reduces backup windows, as it only stores the unique daily changes, while daily full backups are retained to provide immediate restoration in one step.
Optimized bandwidth Optimized bandwidthThe data deduplication process on the client sends only the modified blocks, reducing network traffic. Take advantage of the existing LAN and WAN bandwidth for backup processes and recovery across the company, in branch and remote offices.
Deduplication at source Deduplication at sourceEnsure the protection of data related to key business applications, reduce backup windows, maximize network efficiency during backup and minimize the use of backup storage.
Recovery of files based on the web Recovery of files based on the webAll backups are complete, so it is easy to navigate through the web site and click to recovery in just one step.
Systems and applications Systems and applications “hot” Backup: Secure your mission-critical applications and databases without interruption.
Unrestricted Scalability Unrestricted ScalabilityUse the storage you really need for your data backup. The system will not hinder at any time a successful backup.
Unattended System Setup Unattended System SetupNon-attended backups and programmed without user’s intervention.

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