Fire Protection

In Sabico, we know that the greatest impact of a fire is the risk for people who are in the affected area. Likewise, we are aware that the main economic damage is caused by interruption of business activities.
Therefore, we have one of the best and most prepared professional team to design and equip company facilities, to prevent and to solve fire-related incidents, always thinking about individuals’ safety, and business continuity.

The Alarm Central of Sabico Security, with specific training in the area of fire fighting, is a basic element to achieve a comprehensive and effective system covering all stages: Remote Maintenance, Monitoring, Alarm Reception, Fire Drills, etc.


Office and Technical Projects


Sabico SECURITY, firmly believes that the key to success in Fire Protection resides in development of a good risk analysis and its corresponding project report (endorsed by Civil Engineers Association).
technical office

  • Technical assistance and needs analysis
  • Project Drafting according to regulations, experience and requirements (including measurements and calculations, budget, etc)
  • Planimetry, design-drafting…
  • Projects and legalization


Fire Extintion and Fire Contorl

Sabico Security works with combined solutions that complete the cycle of: fire detection, suppression systems and fire control, depending on its nature and location.

Our business line is focused on: installing Detection Systems and Fire Fighting, both manual and automated, each of them totally safe and environmentally friendly. Signage, public address and evacuation are also activity segments covered for us.


Fire Detection

Fire Detectors and Special Systems

  • Flame or spark detectors.
  • Heat detectors, optic and linear.
  • Special detectors, air intake (VESDA, TITANUS, etc.).
  • Gas detectors (Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, LPG, etc).
  • Special detecting (sensor cable, copper tube – hydraulics sensing, etc).

Active Protection

Standard solutions

  • Extinguishing by water-sprinkler system.
  • Extinguishing by water-mist system.
  • Extinguishing by water-spray system.
  • Extinguishing by foam-water system (low, medium and high expansion).
  • Storage and supply of water for extinguishing systems.
  • Lobby against Fire.
  • Networks of Fixed fire fighting systems equipped.
  • Extinction by powder system.
  • Extinguishing by carbon dioxide system.
  • Extinguishing Systems FM-200, FE-13, Argon, Novec 1230, etc.
  • Fire extinguishers (powder, CO2, Water, special, etc.)

Customised Solutions

  • Kitchen
  • Sauna
  • Clean Room
  • Painting Room
  • ATEX zones
  • Machinery fire extinctions

Passive Protection

Passive Protection Solutions

  • Fire-rated doors, curtains, gates…
  • Fire retardant
  • Intumescence
  • Sealing of facilities
  • External Networks of fire hydrants and monitors

Smoke and Temperature Control

Temperature Control and Smoke Evacuation Systems

One of the most complex issue and of greater discorde has always been the interaction between control systems and smoke evacuation facilities through sprinklers. Besides its own technical complexity featured by these installations, there has always been great difficulty in understanding how to combine both techniques. Finally techniques and law regulations are changing, clearly defining the way in which we must continue to progress.


Aerators of blade or damper are intended to ventilation and smoke extraction, driven by pneumatic cylinder or servomotor, consisting of a perimeter frame and socket galvanized sheet customizable and adapted to any type of solution roof or façade.

Each equipment supplied and installed by Sabico are CE marked that meets the most stringent requirements of European standard EN 12101-2 standard (Smoke and heat control systems – Specification for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators.)

Optionally, equipments can be supplied with:

  • Anti-theft /anti-bird meshes.
  • Wind deflectors.
  • Bases and special dimensions.
  • Coated according to RAL.

Control panels CO2

They are control panels adapted to an automatic opening in case fire of the smoke evacuation equipment by natural draughting. Emergency opening can be made by a manual or electric emergency button.

Prevention and Planning in Fire Protection

Prevention and Planning in Fire Protection

Sabico is qualified to perform any operation related to fire protection, including planning of evacuation signals and, logically those necessary systems for fire control and its extinguishing.

It is always with the guarantee of finding the most appropriate fire solution to the customer, without any prior commitment to a particular manufacturer.

Public address/voice evacuation systems

Public address/voice evacuation systems (EN54-16)

The instructions given via voice messages allow identify the extent of the risk and cause an immediate reaction.
In major infrastructure it is an essential resource that must be properly installed for maximum efficiency at the time of use.

The system design must be coordinated with the evacuation plan, taking also into account future maintenance costs.


fire signalsSignage solutions that ensure our clients adapt easily and safely to the Law

According standard signage and labelling to specific evacuation plans.

Emergency and evacuation plans

Our prevention department can help you to achieve evacuation plans, from the simpler to the most complex. You will have truly professional plans based on the large accumulated experience of Sabico Security. view more

Permanent inerting

OxyReduct-compacto-sabicoOxyReduct-compact by SABICO proposes a new paradigm in firefighting in places where a small fire is a disaster or irreparable damage (DC, historical archives, works of art storerooms, etc.): fire prevention by permanent inerting.

During inertion, pure nitrogen is generated on site (oxygen contained is replaced by an unreactive gas such as nitrogen. Using a compressor, the inert gas is introduced in a controlled manner into the area to be protected to achieve indexes of percentage of oxygen in the air that not allow combustion of most materials (about 15%, instead of the usual 20.9%). Thus, the generated hypoxic environment is such that there is enough oxygen to breathe, but not for combustion.

Permanent inerting is also a very appropriate solution in the agro-food sector, especially in large cold storage rooms, where is very complex to face an automatic extinction. The conditions of air tightness themselves are favourable to address prevention through permanent inerting system indoors.

Sabico is an enterprise associated to Tecnifuego, the Spanish Association of fire protection societies.

Legal Regulation

Which legal regulation is applied in Sabico Security?

  • R.D.2267/2004. Fire Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments (RSCIEI).
  • R.D.314/2006. Technical Building Code (TEC). Basic safety requirements in case of Fire (IF).
  • R.D.1942/1993. Regulations Fire Protection Installations (RIPCI).
  • Local ordinances.
  • Technical standards: UNE-EN 12485 (Automatic Sprinkler Systems). CEPREVEN, NFPA …


  • Installation Company 20/EPI-15
  • Maintenance Company 20/EMI-16
  • Approved Contractors K09E
  • Approved Services Company P05D

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